How Hydraulic Hose Reels Can Benefit Your Business

Hydraulic hose reels are a critical component in any business that relies on hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic hose reels are used to store and protect hydraulic hoses, keeping them organized and safe from damage.

Hydraulic hose reels can benefit your business in a number of ways. They can help improve safety in your workplace, increase the lifespan of your hoses, and improve the efficiency of your hydraulic equipment.

To learn more about the benefits of hydraulic hose reels, read on!

Increased Safety:

Hydraulic hose reels are an essential part of any hydraulic system. They help to keep hoses organized and untangled, preventing accidents that could result from tangled hoses being dragged across the floor or dropped from above. This can help prevent injuries such as those caused by tripping over a hose or being caught off guard by a sudden movement from a running hose.

Improved Organization:

A properly organized workspace is essential for any business, but especially so for those that rely on hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic hoses need to be stored in a way that prevents tangles and improper storage methods, which can lead to kinks or other damage that could cause leaks or even breakage.

When you use a proper hydraulic hose reel system, your hoses will be stored properly and safely out of harm’s way. This will help keep your workplace tidy and organized while also improving safety by preventing accidents due to incorrectly stored hoses.

Increased Equipment Efficiency:

There are many ways that a hydraulic hose reel can improve the efficiency of your equipment. If you have more than one piece of equipment running off of the same source (such as two trucks), it’s important to use one large reel instead of multiple small ones so that all of your hoses can be allocated evenly across all pieces of equipment without any spills or tangles occurring due to improper storage methods. This will also save time since there won’t be as much time spent untangling or laying out new hoses every time you need to use them.

Extends the Life of Your Hoses:

Hoses can be expensive to replace if they get damaged or worn out over time. By using a hydraulic hose reel, you can extend the life of your hoses by protecting them from damage and wear-and-tear caused by improper storage methods or torsion/twist forces that occur when coiling hoses manually without a reel. Hose life can be increased by up to 50% when stored properly on a reel.

Keeps Your Workplace Tidy and Organized:

Hydraulic hose reels can help keep your workspace tidy by allowing you to keep all of your hoses organized in one place. If you have multiple hoses for different pieces of equipment or vehicles, then this is especially important as it will allow you to find the appropriate hose when needed easily.

Frees Up Floor Space:

Hydraulic hose reels free up floor space by mounting directly to a wall or ceiling, which allows you to position them close to where they’ll be used most often. This helps reduce tripping hazards while also making it easier to access the hoses when needed.

Prevents Tangles and Improper Storage Methods:

Hoses that aren’t stored properly have a higher chance of tangling or developing kinks and bends that reduce their efficiency or even cause them to break. Hydraulic hose reels prevent this by protecting hoses against moisture and dirt while they’re stored on-site or in transit. Also, proper storage prevents improper storage methods like coiling hoses around machines or coiling multiple hoses together into one big mess!

Better Quality Hoses:

While it might seem like an obvious benefit, one of the biggest advantages of having a hydraulic hose reel is that it can help prevent damage to your hoses. When you’re working with large quantities of high-pressure liquids or gases, it’s easy for spills to occur when you’re filling up tanks or moving things around with heavy machinery. A good quality hose reel will keep this from happening!


Hydraulic hose reels are an important component that can enhance the safety, efficiency and organization of your workplace.