Mosque Carpets:

The mosque carpet is a beautiful and intricate design. It is often made of wool or silk, and the patterns are usually very complex and detailed. The colors used in the carpet are often very bright and vibrant. The mosque carpet is an important part of the Islamic faith, and it is used in many religious ceremonies. Mosques have the holiest and most sacred grounds in the Muslim world. Mosque carpeting has been defined by different types and materials of mosque carpets.

The first mosque carpets were made with goat hair, either dyed red or white. They were woven using a simple loom, creating flat polychrome designs that were often repeated. In the 7th century, artists began to use silk for mosque carpets, creating tightly packed motifs of flowers and foliage in blues and greens, set against tan-colored backgrounds

Types of mosque carpets:

  • Mosque carpets are made of a variety of carpets  , but one, in particular, has become the standard for most mosques – silk.
  • Prized for their rich beauty and age-old tradition, mosque carpets are a source of pride for many.
  • Mosques have carpets that are made for prayer. They are usually made of wool or silk, although some mosques use cotton. The materials used to make these carpets vary depending on the region and country. Mosque carpets are also used for decorating parts of the mosque.
  • Mosque carpets are made from silk and cotton, wool, linen, and synthetic fibers. The most common are the black ritual type in which the penitents cleanse themselves with a drink and act as a prayer rug for some of the worshippers, who use them on their knees; they also have geometric designs of calligraphy on them.

Features and Composition:

Mosque carpets are made of different materials and types that vary according to the area of use. Some are made of woolen carpets; others can be either hand-woven or machine-woven. There are several types of mosque carpets: Ahmedabad mosque carpets, Turkish mosque carpets, and Iraqi mosque carpets. The type of material is wool, silk, and cotton. Old mosque carpets are typically yellow or green in color and feature designs of geometric patterns overlaid on geometric shapes. Today most are hand woven blue-green so that each design features several shades of color. Ottoman mosques usually have very elaborate designs Quality, texture, and design all come together to create the ultimate carpet for mosques. Our Wool and Silk mosque carpets have a nice combination of wool and silk, which makes them softer than other materials.

This mosque rug can be used as a living room carpet or anywhere in your home. Made of 100% polypropylene and anti-static, it feels soft to the touch, yet provides you with sufficient cushioning and protection. Quality and texture of mosque carpets Islamic architecture is the expression of a way of life, a visual code that tells one about the faith and religion. It is a unique set of characteristics that reflect beauty and sacredness in its fashion. The mosque is not only for prayers but also for decoration with decoration.