Sexy Strip club performance scenarios

When most people think of strippers they think of some buxom girl in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Men (and women) have different fantasies.             
There are certain images that turn them on so strippers will play into these fantasies in a hypersexualised way. For a couple of hours each night, a stripper can play different roles by putting on a sexy costume. Some of the roles are quite common but over the years as popular culture evolved, fantasies have evolved and strippers have become more creative. Going to strip clubs Melbourne can excite your senses. There are some costumes that have stood the test of time and we’ll get through the relatable ones.

#1. The Police Woman

The policewoman costume is a classic. The uniform can be standard or very creative. It could be made of latex and leather and cover less than what an actual police uniform would cover. There is some psychological explanation as to why some men would be turned on by a policewoman with a baton. The common answer given is that these are men who are turned on by strong women in positions of authority. They want to be dominated at some point, to sexually submit to their significant others.

#2. The nurse

Nothing is exciting about a lady dressed in a short, tight, latex nurse’s uniform. There are a lot of variations for this costume. It is one of the most popular costumes and is guaranteed to make some men’s temperatures rise. There are many variations of this outfit but the result is always the same, leaving you wanting more. Again, this has something to do with submitting to a higher authority or the idea that your life is in someone’s hands.

#3. The Schoolgirl look

The schoolgirl look simply comprises of a very tight shirt and an extremely short skirt. It is completed by thigh-high socks, pigtails, and a lollypop for good measure. There is a lollypop that completes the charade. The stripper might have boobs bursting out of the shirt, no underwear underneath that short school skirt but she is only inviting you to look, not touch. Think Britney Spear Baby Baby video and you will have an idea of what the fantasy is about.

#4. The Referee

There are men who are also turned on by a woman in a referee’s outfit. There is something to be said about a woman blowing a whistle and telling them what to do. Again, this has to do with being dominated.

#5. The Devil

The devil is a woman in a red outfit, red heels, and horns. A pitchfork might be added as a prop. The devil symbolizes sin and decadence but at the same time, she metes out punishment for all your transgressions.

#6. The maid

This one involves a stripper showing up in a french maid outfit, hair in a bun and hands slipped in some protective latex gloves and a duster. The maid knows how to work a room and will be quick to admonish a dirty little boy.

These are just some of the more popular costumes strippers will wear for their stage performance but it’s not all. The best strip clubs Melbourne will have dancers that do more than work a room but enact some sort of play – anything that keeps patrons entertained and drooling.

There is a lot to be said about fantasies. Men have them for different reasons. It’s healthy and it shows that you have an imagination. However, some fantasies are questionable and almost cringe-worthy like the schoolgirl fantasy. Grown men aren’t supposed to fantasize about schoolgirls but they do. Strip clubs cannot pretend otherwise. But in the same space variety is the spice of life, strip clubs will mix it up a bit.