Starting a Clothing Business with Limited Funds

Starting a business is a difficult art. On top of it, if the money you have is extremely limited, you would find it even more difficult to get a good start. When it comes to a business in clothing items, you could choose to be men and women clothing vendors who either deal in retail or in wholesale or you could even choose to deal in wholesale boys clothes or girls clothes. You could also be a retailer or wholesaler dealing in clothing items for both the adults and children. Given below are some ways which would help you to start a clothing business with limited funds.

What are the ways in which you could start a clothing business with limited money?

  • Wholesaler or retailer – The first thing you need to decide is whether you would want to be a retailer of clothes or a wholesaler. The financial requirements of both the options are different. When you are a wholesaler, you would need to have large number of products in your stock. This would mean that you need a larger amount of money to get everything. However, in the case of a retailer, it would be possible for you to purchase enough amount of items at a relatively lower amount of money. When you do not have enough amount of money, it would be wiser to start with a small retail clothing business and then slowly expand as the business starts to grow.
  • Type of seller – When you have limited amount of funds, you would also have to choose wisely from the large number of clothing options available in the market. It would be better if you could try to be one of the men and women clothing vendors or deal in children clothing by buying wholesale boys clothes and girls clothes and not try to sell everything. Try to focus on a few items and stock your store with those. This would help you to continually sell something or the other while you keep saving up to expand your business. Once you have enough funds, you could easily expand the range of products that are sold in your store. If you feel like it, you could even become a wholesaler of clothes in the future.
  • Segment of clothing you deal in – When you have limited amount of money, you could not only choose to be a certain kind of retailer like one dealing in men and women clothing or children clothing, you could also select segments of clothing you want to deal in. You could choose to deal in just formal clothing or just casual clothing. You could go even further by choosing between men and women clothing in these segments. That would help you to slowly get your business moving so that it can expand over time and enable you to reach your business goals.


These are the basic ways in which you could start a business with limited amount of money. If you do a bit of research, you might come across some other means of saving money or expanding your business more easily. It is important that you remain patient throughout the process and that would help you reach your goals properly.