Ways to Increase Your Small Business’s Summer Revenues

During the summer, people engage in various activities, like going on vacation, grilling in the backyard, watching baseball, and visiting the beach.

What types of activities are prohibited throughout the summer? Spend time indoors, for starters, and support local companies. That is why you might hear a business owner talk about “the dreaded J months,” which include January’s post-holiday calm and June and July’s infamously low business. CPA group in Nashville, TN, can help you with all your business needs.

Here are some suggestions for luring clients away from the heat and into the cold of your small business (or the shine of your online store) if you are concerned about how the summer may damage your bottom line.

  1. Request testimonials and referrals

Utilize the slower speed to get in touch with current clients and request online testimonials or recommendations. Think about rewarding their efforts with your company’s voucher or gift card. It is a great method to spread the news and offers you a chance to check in with your most important clients to express your gratitude for their patronage and suggestions.

  1. Present a fresh item

Because there will not be as much competition and your product will stand out more, think about using a slower pace to introduce a new product during the slow months. Additionally, you can assess the success or failure of the new product using the smaller market before moving forward aggressively. 

  1. Draw clients in with deals

Flash sales, one-day sales, pavement sales, and sales with a seasonal theme are excellent promotion techniques. There are so many justifications for holding a sale. Additionally, let us face it—customers adore a great deal more than anything else.

  1. Show gratitude to your clients

Both sales and customer relations are important aspects of running a corporation. Therefore, host a Customer Appreciation Day to show your loyal consumers how much you value them. Market it like crazy, and on the big day, have food, beverages, entertaining prizes (such as items from your inventory or gift cards to your shop), games, and exclusive discounts. Whatever your creativity can conjure up and your budget will allow.

  1. Increase social media activity

Post images and videos of intriguing or uncommon products, introduce staff, and include links to films or publications with useful information. Use your feeds for a competition or giveaway if you would like to make things a little more engaging. To enter the drawing, ask visitors to follow, like, comment, tag a friend (which broadens your audience), or even share pictures of themselves holding their favorite item from your shop.