What is an Air Conditioning Unit Tune-Up?

When you schedule tune-ups for your unit, a certified AC professional will do the following:

  • Tidy or Replace Filters

If your AC unit has filters that are multiple-use, the specialist will clear out dirt as well as dust that has collected from the winter season. If you use replaceable filters, the tech will switch over these for you, if you provide the right filter for your device. Cleaning up or changing your heating and cooling filters should be done every 1 to 3 months to keep your cooling and heating system running effectively so it doesn’t have to work more difficult than it should. A filter will especially maintain the condenser coils of your AC system clean.

  • Clean Condenser Coils

Although transforming the filter can avoid build-up on your condenser coils, they still gather dust. A professional will skillfully clean up these coils during a heater tune-up. Filthy coils can quit the condenser from absorbing warmth as well as cause the coil to stop working prematurely. You can also assist lessen build-up by eliminating shrubs, dirt, as well as various other vegetation near your condenser device.

  • Clean and Tighten Electrical Connections

When you have a cooling tune-up completed, the service technician will open up your condenser unit, as well as look within the electric compartment. They’ll make sure the connections are cleaned up from any debris that can cause the cooling device to not turn on or quit working throughout the summertime.

  • Check Cooling Agent Levels

The professional will likewise inspect to make certain the Freon in your cooling unit depends on the maker’s requirements.

  • Examine Contacts and Condensation Lines

Plugged condensation lines can cause water damages in your home. A site technician will examine to guarantee this isn’t happening.

  • Inspect and Calibrate Thermostat

A service technician will transform your thermostat’s batteries if it has been longer than a year. The technology will also examine to ensure the air conditioning unit is cooling as successfully as feasible as well as adjust the system with the thermostat.

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