Choosing a headboard that will work best for you and look good in your room is important. Before buying a headboard, you need to consider the design and material and the size of your bed. They are considered an essential piece for your beds and bedrooms. They are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. You can go for one that best matches your needs.

Are you planning to renovate your bedroom or just want to upgrade it a little? Adding a headboard will enhance the overall look. Many varieties of headboards are available in the market according to their size, design, and material. There are headboards for every bed of different sizes. An upholstered headboard adds texture and warmth to your space. They are also available in different styles that are as follows:


You can choose from many types of varieties of storage headboards. You can have extra storage space which is a beneficial thing to have especially in the bedroom as it makes your room look cluttered-free.

Bed frame-mounted headboards:

No additional footboard is required by installing this headboard. These upholstered headboards can be bought separately or as a part of a complete bedroom set. With its beautiful appearance, this headboard can become the star of your bedroom.

Tufted upholstered headboards:

It is a classic upholstery finish. The whole look of these headboards is luxurious. They provide extra comfort and good support to your posture. Tufting can come in different styles like diamond patterns, channel tufting, and many more.

Headboard with shelves and drawers:

If you need an elegant choice, these storage headboards can instantly add a charm to your room. They have a lot of storage space so you can keep your essentials. You can safely organize the things you need right above your head.

Bookcase storage headboard:

These headboards come with a great feature of cable management and also storage spaces at the front and sides. With these headboards, you can perfectly organize a lamp and can easily charge your gadgets. They have holes in place to fit wires.

Free standing headboard with shelves:

Free-standing headboards are made to feature the right number of shelves to place books, newspapers, and photos. They are easy to move from one place to another and are light in weight. They are yet stylish and can easily match the rest of the furniture in your room. Typically, they are available for all bed sizes ranging from single to king-size beds.

Wood frame upholstery headboards:

If you choose this style of headboards, the fabric wraps around the edges of the headboards and covers the whole piece. These pieces can easily match your other bedroom décor.

Panel headboards:

Unlike tufted upholstered headboards, panel upholstered headboards are made with one clean line of backing with fabric. These headboards can have two panels separated by a wooden frame.

After getting familiar with different headboard styles, you must consider the size of your bedroom to buy a perfect piece.