These Are the Most Interesting Historical Sites in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has one of the most interesting histories in the nation, dating back far before the Liberty Bell, despite that being one of the main attractions for people traveling to the area.  

If you’re curious about what makes this city so special and want to get to know the city better, these are the most interesting historical sites in Philadelphia!

1. The Liberty Bell Center

The Liberty Bell is one of the top stops tourists make when they’re making their way through Philadelphia. Although it’s not the most important piece of American history, it is one of the most iconic parts that are instantly recognized.  

Admission is completely free unless you sign up for a guided tour of the city which would include the bell. This is a fantastic stop that gives you a chance to see something in person that’s most commonly seen in art and images.

2. Betsy Ross Home

Although this charming property isn’t available amongst the countless Philadelphia houses for sale, it’s still worth a stop! The Betsy Ross home is an important property that shows a step back into history and what people lived like in the 1700s while also showing where she sewed the first American flag.

This home is a beautiful two-story landmark that also functions as a museum despite being over 250 years old.

3. The President’s House

This property was the third U.S. Presidential Mansion. Built by enslaved people, it was only lived in for ten years by a sitting president before it was demolished in 1832.  

Now when you visit, it’s an outline of where the house stood and a frank discussion about the people that were forced to build it, why it fell out of use, and why it’s important to remember this property. Looking at the outline laid out in brick and wood can still have a strong effect on you when you visit.

4. National Constitution Center

This institution is a non-profit dedicated to the Constitution of the United States. Full to the brim with interactive exhibits, interesting information, and beautiful older pieces and artifacts, this is an incredible stop that will pull you closer to history and understanding the people who lived back then.

5. Elfreth’s Alley

Although this historic street was built in 1703, it feels incredibly modern, clean, and gorgeous. The sleek row of 32 houses is a national landmark because of the design and how well they lasted. This is considered America’s oldest residential street and was added to the National Registry for HIstoric Properties in the 1960s.

A couple of these buildings are still lived in, while others have become shops or businesses that are more than happy to sell memorabilia you can take with you. Walking this street and picturing the people who must have lived here can make those 320 years feel incredibly short.

Philly Is Full of Fun and Interesting Stops!

Philadelphia is so much more than just the Liberty Bell and Philly Cheesesteaks! Next time you’re in town, consider stopping at a couple of different attractions you usually wouldn’t.