How Practising with NEET Question Paper Shapes Your NEET Preparation

NEET is a medical entrance test (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) carried out by the official authorities – NTA (National Testing Agency). Every year, lakhs of students participate in NEET with hopes of clearing the test and pursuing medicine. However, only a few managed to clear this coveted test.

It is a no-brainer that NEET is one of the highly anticipated and most prestigious medical entrance tests for medical enthusiasts. If we go by the numbers, approximately 16-16.5 lakh candidates register to appear for this test each year, all for close to 1.6 lakh medical seats. By this, students can get a clear idea of the intensity of the test and gear up with their preparations.

Despite the out-and-out preparation, some students fail to get the desired results at NEET and hence their successful admissions into their dream colleges get stalled. As per NEET experts with years of experience in training students to be NEET-ready, there are not one or two but several reasons which cause this.

During NEET preparation, the manifested factors are usually covered, be it mastering the syllabus for NEET, solving NEET question paper and sample papers. While the resources at the reach of students remain the same, what differs is the strategies deployed and careful planning. The best resource at one’s access for NEET preparation has to be question papers from past years for NEET.

To perform better at NEET, understand the importance of solving these papers. Listed below are some reasons which will convince you of the importance of NEET question papers in NEET preparation.

Why Solve NEET Question Papers?

Listed below are 4 points highlighting the importance of solving question papers for NEET.

  1. Perfect resource serving as a precursor to the actual exam

This point has to top the list. If you want to get the essence of how the actual NEET question paper appears, the pattern, the difficulty level, different types of questions, your go-to resource is question papers; they are the most authentic ones.

Preparing from a good number of previous years’ question papers gives a good idea of what type of questions can be expected in the upcoming test; predicting becomes easy.

  1. Awareness of important topics

NEET syllabus is vast; it includes 97 chapters covered across Class 11 and 12 syllabi.

An extension to the above-mentioned point, practising and solving from past years’ papers gives students an idea of recurring topics, and hence one can deduce the most important topics to prioritise. It also assists students in categorising chapters based on weightage and priority level and hence focus on critical topics.

  1. Managing time

Another perk of solving papers is that it boosts levels of accuracy and speed. These two metrics are instrumental in determining your performance in the exam hall. Especially in competitive tests, managing time effectively through all the 3 sections of NEET – Physics, Chemistry and Biology is all the more decisive. Additionally, ensure to solve papers under ideal exam scenarios to get the look and feel of the actual NEET exam.

  1. Self-assessment

There is no denying that most of us take up tests to understand where we stand in terms of understanding concepts and how we would score. Solving question papers gives one an insight into the preparation and helps us decode what exactly our areas of improvement are. With a performance report in hand, one can focus, pinpoint and concentrate on weak areas and sharpen plus points. An analysis is imperative during competitive test preparation.

  1. Serves as a question bank

Soon after we finish learning a topic or a chapter, we tend to solve questions on it to understand if the topic is well understood. Apart from the standard questions available, to get access to NEET-level questions, there is no better resource than NEET previous years’ questions. Hence, you are assured that you are solving all important questions and not irrelevant ones.

  1. Essence of the examination

The exam temperament on the day of the examination is decisive and directly impacts your performance. Students from past years who have appeared at NEET reveal that despite sound preparation, exam phobia had taken the best of them. Try to maintain a calm demeanour with whatever level of preparation. Being positive and maintaining tranquillity can help you go a long way both in preparation and even in the examination hall.

These were some points on the significance of solving previous years’ NEET question papers. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more.