Types of Cases That Private Investigators Take Up

Security industry is an ever-growing one, with a pace like never before. And, with the crime rate at an all-time high, people from all sections of the society irrespective of their social status, are engaging highly trained security guards for their own purposes. Although it is a common belief that security services such as bodyguards or private investigators are hired by VIPs, business executives, and politicians, it is becoming evidently clear that private individuals and small companies also hire private investigators for achieving certain goals. 

We shall thus, take a look at a few cases that private investigators take up.

  • Surveillance cases

The most commonly known and popular type of cases that private investigators take up are surveillance cases. When someone wants to conduct surveillance over an individual, or believes, is plotting against him/her, they typically hire trained private investigators for the task. Surveillance is also sometimes sought in civil Investigations to expose illegal transactions or ponzi schemes. PIs are hired to collect sufficient and admissible evidence in the court. 

  • Family law matters

As clear and simple these cases may seem, there are often chances of sudden violence and attacks, which is why a lot of people involved in family law matters hire bodyguards. Similarly, private investigators are also hired, especially during divorce proceedings and infidelity issues. So, the parties involved hire PIs to locate hidden assets or fight for child custody. The role of private investigators in such cases can be pivotal. 

  • Missing person cases

One of the cases that private investigators take up is finding missing persons. PIs make use of their expertise and experience to track down such missing persons, by recognizing patterns, analyzing clues and putting together the whole picture. It is, thus, one of the most common cases that are taken up by Perceptage private investigator, amongst other high priority cases that the company is well-known for handling.

  • Investigation of crime scenes

Drawing conclusions about a crime is not always easy. It takes investigating officers months to just collect evidence. This is where private investigators come in. Highly trained and experienced PIs efficiently gather pieces of evidence and significant information, which can change the course of court proceedings, in a limited amount of time. 

With the growing nature of criminal activities in the society, the scope of private investigations has widened too. There are several other cases and reasons for which private investigators may be hired today.