5 Ingredients You Can Use to Prepare Mixed Fruit Ice Cream

No matter what season it Is, ice cream always goes with every season. No lie that eating ice cream in both the summer and winter seasons are one of the best experiences. A bowl of creamy ice cream can do wonders for your dull day. You can eat ice cream day, night, or evening. There is no specific time or season for eating ice cream. And this explains why ice cream is one of the best foods to exist. Getting your favorite ice cream from the ice cream freezer is one of the best treatments.

But that doesn’t make you should not make ice cream at home. Homemade ice cream tastes delicious and has the best texture. I am sure you have tried homemade vanilla or chocolate ice cream. But sometimes, we want to make something different. We think no one adores mixed fruit ice cream enough. The best thing about this ice cream is that it is healthy. It requires organic fruits and flavors to make this ice cream. Many people often face confusion when they make homemade mixed fruit ice cream. That is why we have mentioned five ingredients to make mixed fruit ice cream.

  • Fruits

The first ingredient you need is fresh fruit. You can also use frozen fruit. Know that you cannot add fruit as a whole to make your ice cream. You will have to make a puree of fruits. You will need more than one fruit since the recipe is for mixed fruit ice cream. Know that you can use fruits of your choice. The best option for you is a combination of strawberries, kiwi, bananas, and mango. Use the fruit pulp to make a puree.

  • Berry Sauce

Sauces and syrups are a must-have when you are making ice creams. Your ice cream will never be complete without delicious sauce. You can add syrup to the puree to make the ice cream or use it as a topping. Your priority should always be a berry sauce. You can also use strawberry syrup to make ice cream. Make sure the syrup you choose tastes good with the ice cream.

  • Dairy

We all know that dairy is a necessary item to make ice cream. You will always need dairy items to make ice cream. The name of the dessert tells how crucial dairy is. You will need two dairy items to make this delicious dessert. Make sure you have good-quality condensed milk and double cream. You can also use high-fat cream. Know that high-fat content will make your ice cream creamy.

  • Sweetener

No dessert is complete without a sweetener. The choice of sweetener depends on you. Know that natural sweeteners are the best for ice cream if you prefer to keep it healthy. You can also use sugar if you do not have any problem with artificial sweeteners.

  • Vanilla Extract

You will always need a touch of vanilla extract, no matter how many syrups you add to your ice cream. Use pure vanilla extract for a deep flavor.