How many mock tests are sufficient to crack the NDA 2 exam? How can I strengthen my mathematics from it?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the NDA 2 exam for recruiting officers in the Indian defence line-up. The NDA 2 exam is extremely tough and competitive. Aspirants need to prepare for months to score good marks and crack this examination. They must score good marks to grab a seat in one of the defence training institutes. The total marks for the NDA 2 exam are 900, and depending on the previous year’s cut-off, a score of 450 or more is required to crack the NDA 2 exam.

How many mock tests are sufficient?

Aspirants need to make an organized study plan to score high marks in the NDA 2 exam. They should work hard three/four months before the exam starts by following the syllabus and identifying the main topics. As the competition for the NDA 2 exam is very tough, aspirants must appear in mock tests to clear their concepts. From the mathematics test series, they need to appear in at least 15 mock tests.

Solving mock question papers enables aspirants to spot their weaknesses as well as get a clear idea of the exam. A total of 120 questions are asked in the mock tests, and aspirants get 150 minutes to solve the problems of mathematics.

The maximum marks for these mock tests are 300. With BYJU’S Exam Prep online classroom program, aspirants can appear in these 15 mock tests. And to begin their practice, they can also start with a free mock test.

How to strengthen mathematics with mock tests

Aspirants will gain confidence and can easily manage time once they appear in mock tests. NDA Mock tests are also useful to identify weaknesses in any mathematical topic and address them accordingly. Mock tests help strengthen mathematics for the NDA 2 exam aspirants in the following ways:

  • Get familiarized with the question types and exam pattern: NDA 2 exam is purely based on mathematics. The concept and syllabus are the same as the previous year’s but the questions asked in the examination get changed. Aspirants can easily familiarize themselves with the question types once they appear in mock tests.
  • Develop the correct strategy:  The questions asked in the NDA 2 exam from mathematics have a different level of difficulty. Mock tests help aspirants develop the correct strategy to solve the questions.
  • Practice questions from different levels: Aspirants can practice mathematics starting from the beginner’s level to the expert level. At the beginner’s level, they can practice an easy set of questions, and once they think that they can face the challenging questions, they can choose to solve an expert-level set of questions.
  • Achieve perfection: Practice will help you achieve perfection. And mock tests will help in this matter. An aspirant can practice a maximum of 15 mock tests in BYJU’S Exam Prep online classroom program while preparing for the NDA 2 exam. These mock tests are really helpful to ace mathematics.

In the NDA 2 exam, mathematics questions are asked from the class 12 level. Aspirants can practice previous year’s question papers of the exam as well as try to appear in as many mock tests as they can. Mock tests are helpful for boosting your preparation for the NDA 2 exam. Also, these tests with a wide range of questions make aspirants familiar with the question patterns and revised syllabus.

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