How To Style A Saree For Office: Looks To Ace Your Professional Look‍

Sarees have been a timeless fashion statement for centuries in India. They have always been a part of the traditional Indian wardrobe, but can also be worn to exude professional flair. With the right styling and accessorizing, a saree can be the perfect way to look professional at work. Whether you’re looking for a more modern look or a classic style, there are many ways to style a saree for the office. Different sarees can be paired with different blouses, shoes, and jewellery to create a polished and sophisticated look. Here, we’ll discuss how to style a saree for the office, with timeless looks to help you ace your professional look.

What Are The Key Elements Of A Professional Saree Look?

To create a beautiful and professional saree look, it’s important to select the right fabric and style. Here are the key elements of a saree look that is appropriate for work: 


Traditional Indian fabrics such as silk, cotton, and more will provide you with the most versatility for styling. You can also select a more contemporary fabric, such as georgette, which will offer a slightly different aesthetic. 


When selecting the colour for your saree, choose something that will look appropriate for the office. Certain colours, such as bright yellow and orange, are more suitable for special occasions than work. 


Depending on your work environment, you can select a pattern for your saree that will make a statement without being over the top. 


The blouse that is paired with your saree is an important part of your outfit. Selecting a blouse that compliments the saree will help to bring the look together. The blouse can also be used to tone down the look, if necessary, by selecting a solid-coloured blouse.

Different Ways To Style Your Saree For Office

Classic Cotton Saree With A Printed Blouse

This look is a classic saree style and is perfect for the traditional Indian woman who wants to wear a saree to work. Pairing a cotton saree with a printed blouse will help to create a classic look that is suitable for the office. Selecting a solid-coloured blouse will help to tone down the look slightly, making it appropriate for a variety of work environments. A pair of classic shoes and minimal jewellery will help to finish off the look. This look is also great if you’re planning to wear a saree for an upcoming wedding.

Silk Saree With A Plain Blouse

Silk sarees are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your office look. Selecting a plain coloured blouse will help to keep the look classic and suitable for any workplace. To complete the look, pair the saree with a pair of classic shoes and minimal jewellery. To ensure the silk doesn’t wrinkle, be sure to steam it before you head out.

Patterned Saree With A Solid Blazer for Men And Belt

A patterned saree can be a great option for work if you’re looking for something more modern. To complete the look, pair the saree with a solid blazer for men and a belt. Choose a belt that matches the saree pattern or a neutral colour that will complement it. This look is great for a more creative office environment, or if you want a way to express your creative side at work.

Printed Saree With A High Neck Blouse

If you’re looking for a saree look that is more modest, a printed saree with a high-neck blouse will create a classic but elegant look. Selecting a printed saree that has a floral or geometric pattern is a great way to add a modest element to the saree. For a more traditional style, you can choose a printed saree with a plain border. This look is perfect for an office environment where you need to adhere to a more modest dress code.

Handloom Saree With A Statement Blouse

This look is perfect for the saree wearer who is looking for an exotic look. Handloom sarees are more luxurious than regular sarees and are the perfect way to add a statement piece to your wardrobe. Select a saree in a bright colour, floral print, or geometric pattern to create an exotic look. To complete the look, select a blouse in a neutral colour, or choose a blouse with a geometric pattern if you prefer. This look is great if you want to stand out in the office, or if you want to show your support for fair trade fashion.

Accessories To Complete Your Professional Look

When selecting accessories to complete your look, keep in mind that they should be in line with the style of your saree. Here are some style-appropriate accessories to complete your professional look:


A Tote or a sling bag can be a great option for work, but ensure that it’s not too large or bulky. Handbags with shoulder straps are also appropriate, but again, don’t go overboard with large purses or bags that are too bulky.


Select a pair of classic shoes to complete your look. Heels are acceptable for work, but be sure to select a pair that is appropriate for the type of work you do.


Select a pair of earrings and a necklace that are appropriate for work. A ring or bracelet can be an optional addition, but make sure it’s not too bulky.


Protect your eyes from UV rays with a stylish pair of sunglasses. Select a pair in a neutral colour, so you can wear them with most outfits.

Now Wear Your Favourite Saree To Office

The saree is a beautiful traditional Indian garment that can also be worn to work. To create a professional look, select the right fabric, colour, and pattern, and pair it with a blouse that compliments the saree. Select classic accessories to complete your look, and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re looking for a more modern or a classic look, there are so many ways to style a saree for the office.