Engaging Facts That You Didn’t Know About Sneakers

Shoes are a man’s best friend. A companion with which you cannot travel without wearing them. Every foundation must have a firm strength, and it is crucial to pay extra attention to it. As easy and compatible shoes can be, they are unique in their ways. A conversation about shoes can be severe and exciting at the same time. Well, let us make you aware of some of them:

  1. The title of the sneakers

The title of ‘sneakers’ was very aptly chosen. As the name suggests, once you wear these shoes, the rubber sole, one of the most highlighted features of the sneakers, does not make any noise. Therefore the word ‘sneaker’ was used. All generations wear sneakers without any restriction. They are plain, funky, simple, and colorful. One of the most loved brands in the sneaker community is ‘Adidas.’ Celebrities have been found rocking the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 2 Oreo, both in street style and red-carpet looks. It includes Kylie Jenner, Travis, The Weekend, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, and many more celebrities.

  1. Celebrities’ collaborations with sneakers

Sneaker collaborations are in trend. Many Hollywood celebrities who love certain brands or certain types of shoes go out of their way to show their creative take on shoes. Their collaboration with the shoe brand is very well received since fans support their idols no matter what. We’ve witnessed some fantastic and iconic collaborations when it comes to sneakers. The collaborations include:

  • Balvin with Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High Colores Y Vibras.
  • Eminem with Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 ‘Black Chrome.’
  • Travis Scott with Fragment Design x Air Jordan 1 Retro Low
  • Kanye West with Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 2 Oreo

  1. The primary source of shoe measurements

Shoes in historical times were measured using grains of barley. However, there were no fancy or efficient tools that you could use. Therefore, shoe tailors used barleys to estimate the size of the feet, using ‘pellet’ as an essential tool. This technique also came to be known as ‘Barleycorn.’ In today’s time, people rarely use this technique since there are specific measurement devices that are much more efficient and not time-consuming. However, in the native places of the British, this practice is still present since it carries a historical culture.

  1. Do Women or Men own the most number of shoes?

It has never been a debate since it is pretty clear that women have shoes in abundance. It isn’t easy to find an average woman having below 10-15 pairs of shoes. On the other hand, although not less, men’s shoe consumption is still lesser than females’. It gives a sense of security that women must be prepared for any event whatsoever. Ladies, do you agree?

Concluding Thoughts

Shoes are no less critical than a fabric worn by people. It is essential, yet people do not understand the luxury of owning such a vast number of pairs. It helps people to shine by adding an element of feeling composed and complete.