What to Do if Someone You Know is a Victim of Domestic Violence?

No one deserves to go through domestic violence, irrespective of their age, gender, identity, race, or any other factor. Dometic abuse comes in different forms. Typically, these include financial, physical, emotional, or financial. If you are a victim of domestic abuse of any form, you have the right to seek help from the government. 

The law works effortlessly to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. Domestic violence can come from anyone in the household and is a punishable offense in the eye of the law. Sometimes, victims of domestic violence remain to be silent about the abuse, considering no one is going to take them seriously. 

Additionally, they may fear that the abuse can be severe if they speak about it to someone else. Suppose you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse. In that case, you can speak to a criminal defence lawyer New Westminster who can help you explore legal options and hold the abuser accountable for their horrendous act. 

Suspecting someone is suffering from domestic abuse. 

It can be tricky to identify if the other person is suffering from domestic abuse unless they decide to talk to you about the issue. In some cases, the abuse can be visible outside even if they choose to remain silent. 

Some signs that someone is going through domestic abuse: 

  • They have physical marks visible on the body. 
  • The physical marks have no valid explanation. 
  • They fear their partner when they are around. 
  • The victim is afraid of making their partner angry. 
  • The victim is isolating themselves and not spending time with their friends and family. 
  • They have extreme mood swings, or they are sad or depressed. 
  • Their partner is extremely possessive and jealous. 
  • The partner insults them even in public. 

Helping them to get out of the situation! 

Various helpline numbers are activated for domestic violence victims. However, before directly calling a helpline number or cops on them, it would be better to speak to them about it. After suspecting someone of domestic violence, you can encourage them to talk about the things they are going through. 

Once you are sure, you can alert the cops. Helping the victim get a restraining order against someone will ensure the victim is safe and the abuser does not come near them. You can also speak to a lawyer to know your possible options and how to send the abuser behind bars. Remember, domestic violence should never be justified, and one must take proper steps to help the victim.