Step-by-Step Guide for Play Online Rummy and Win

Rummy is a classic casino game. Though this strategy-based game is quite hard to understand for beginners, the money and excitement associated with the match attract everyone towards it. The rules are quite simple when it comes to Indian Rummy. Here you have to draw and discard the cards from an open pile. In India, Jokers also play a vital role, just like every other card that holds specific points.

Here depending on the players, the cards get distributed. For example, if two people are players, each player will get five pairs of cards. Again, if three or four players play together, each player receives seven cards to play. Now, if you are playing rummy online, you will experience a different card distribution process.

How Online Rummy Works?

In online Rummy, which you can play in Fairplay, 2 to 5 players play together, and each player gets 13 cards. Here, two decks that contain 104 cards together, including 4 Jokers, are used in the game. The game begins with a random toss by the machine. In the beginning, all the cards face down on the deck, and the game starts when the next card faces up on the table.

How to Play & Win Online Rummy?

As we said earlier, Rummy is a classic casino game, but when it comes to Rummy online, a little change in the strategy will give you a sure shot to win the game. Now concentration and skills are considered the best strategy for online Rummy. Once you are confident enough to pull the strings, dig into it.

Here are some top-notch strategies for sure winning.

  • Concentrate on the Pure Sequence- If you want to win the game, you must make a pure sequence. A pure sequence holds three or more consecutive cards in the same suite. It is said that without the ability to create a pure sequence, all your knowledge and strategy will go in vain.
  • Discard High-Value Cards-Now remember King, Queens, Jacks, And 10s Carry 10 points each. No, if you can discard these types of cards in the very beginning, you can consider it a clever move.
  • Know When to Drop Out- This strategy is universal. If you play small and your hands need to be stronger, drop it in as soon as possible. The process will secure your position for a better game and prevent the risk of heavy loss.
  • Always Focus On the Table- If you focus on the table, you can forecast other players’ moves. There is probably the best strategy. If you can understand which card other players want you to discard and dismiss their plan, your chance of a win will increase by 40%. For example- suppose your competitor wants you to draw a 7s or maybe 9 or 8 of diamonds; he will surely pick a 7.
  • Use the Joker- No wonder it is one of those cards which can decide your luck, as it will help you to get rid of impure sequences and sets easily. If you know how to use your joker in a perfect position, no one can steal your chance of winning. Try to collect as many jokers as possible, even if you have a printed one in your hand. Joker can be your trump card in your Rummy online if you know how to hold and use it wisely.
  • Try to Move Fast with Your Sequences- Once you are done sorting, there is no need to wait for the “right card”. Always concentrate on making your pure sequence and do that as soon as possible.
  • Let The Card Pass if Necessary- There is a miss concept that if you hold the card at the right time, your chances of winning will increase. Get rid of the other cards except for a joker and a pure sequence. The action will divert your competitors as well.
  • Keep Tracking The Discarded Cards- Many players forget to note which card they discarded earlier, eventually leading them to pick the same card repeatedly. It will give you nothing but spending time on piles.


Now, you can use these basic strategies straight from scratch to win the game. But remember, when you are playing Rummy on fairplay, from the beginning, you must collect the alternating colors of the cards. Keep an eye on the competitors so that you can adopt their style and use the fishing technique on the opponent.