Features to keep in mind when buying men’s work boots

Whether you’re working in the construction industry, climbing utility poles every day, or owning a landscaping service, the work shoes you use for work make a big difference in comfort, productivity, and safety. Style is often the deciding factor in choosing a Thorogood work boot, as many men’s work boots are durable, non-slip, and offer at least some protection. However, there are still many things to consider.

Certain types of tasks require unique functionality. For example, using something as simple as cutting the heel of a work boot at a 90-degree angle will improve work efficiency and make it easier to work with shovels and ladders.

Mud free

If you had to waste time cleaning up the mess on your lean floor, proper shoes and work shoes could be a factor. One style of men’s work boots is the so-called “roller wedge” outsole, which doesn’t track mud or dirt or loosen it. Hence, this type of boot design can be a good solution for those living on the farm: work, landscaping, drilling, and other outdoor work environments.


If you need extra work protection, steel toe boots are one of the most effective ways to avoid a trip to the emergency room. If you work in an environment where heavy equipment, machinery, or construction materials may fall on your feet, you should put steel-toe shoes on your safety footwear checklist. In addition to being painful, a foot injury can put you off duty for weeks, if not months.


Suitable men’s work shoes provide years of traction, ankle support, and toe protection and add comfort features like further insulation and extra cushioning from the shoe. You can get a much higher value. It’s unnecessary, but if you find shoes with some odor control and moisture removal features, you’ll be more satisfied with your purchase.

An excellent way to help narrow down you is to ask for recommendations from others in your profession. Some online retailers also include customer product reviews. You can also find suggestions on bulletin boards and forums discussing work boots.