How to buy the best wedding rings?

If your wedding bells are soon to ring, you must have started planning everything from choosing the venue to booking the wedding minister. In this hustle, you also need to consider shopping for the most exquisite wedding ring to exchange vows. Despite focusing on the trousseau, today’s bride and groom are extra choosy about their wedding rings as they have to keep wearing them throughout their lives. To surprise your future spouse, you can increase your budget and visit a classy jeweler showcasing the finest platinum wedding rings studded with a large diamond. You can also go for a couple’s band where the creativity of the jewelers is also exhibited as they manage to place the diamonds whether in the center of the band or on both borders of the bands to make them look exquisite.

Check out some shopping tips when buying the best wedding rings for your future spouse

Know the difference between Gold vs. Platinum and Palladium 

Platinum is the strongest metal used for making jewelry. Despite the sophisticated look, platinum ensures sturdiness and thus confronts no scratch marks. If you’re shopping for wedding bands then go for platinum rings.

Gold is softer in comparison to platinum and thus gets more scuffles and scratches.

Palladium too is a softer metal in comparison to platinum. If platinum wedding bands are becoming costlier then go for palladium rings.

Check before buying 

There is a term saying “buyers cautious”. Whenever you’re purchasing platinum jewelry, check closely whether “Plat” or “.95” are etched on them or not. These are the authentic and the premium quality platinum rings or any jewelry you’re off to shop.

The gold rings will also have marks like 22 carats or 24 carats on them. Go for the hallmark gold to get an excellent quality product.

When purchasing diamond jewelry check the 4Cs- such as clarity, color, cut, and carat weight.

Always get a certificate when shopping for precious jewelry. By having the certificate you can easily exchange or sell the jewelry in the future at a fair price.

Compare the rings

You should check the trending as well as the contemporary rings ideally designed for weddings. Wear and see which one will look good on your finger or your spouse’s before shopping. Instead of going with the flow, stay on the grounds and pick the ring or a couple of bands based on the budget, quality, and looks.

Visit a top brand

When you’re on the verge of shopping for the best ring of your life that is the wedding ring, make sure you visit a branded jeweler. If you’re confused among several jewelry brands, ask your friend that has recently purchased wedding rings or earrings as push presents for wife so that you can visit a reliable jeweler.

A branded jeweler will never compromise with the product. He will sell you the best quality platinum, gold, palladium, or tungsten ring that you purchase for your wedding. Besides, they’ll also give you an authenticity certificate for the diamond and the metals.