How to promote CBD on Facebook and Instagram

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an ingredient in the hemp plant that has a calming effect. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is not psychoactive. The miracle cure is currently experiencing a real hype and CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in drugstores and on the web. CBD has highest bioavailability, and helps with anxiety, menstrual cycle disorders or muscle tension.

If you want to buy CBD products online, know that CBD products may only be sold if the product has been approved as a medicinal product for therapeutic uses or as food supplement. The specifications can be viewed at the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. Explicit approval is required because CBD products can also contain small amounts of THC. The proportion must not exceed 0.2 percent.

Facebook and CBD advertising: Big gap

Facebook and Instagram are the best ways to advertise CBD. They are among the big players and take a big share of the online marketing advertising pie every year. The advertising guidelines clearly regulate which products, services you can advertise on Facebook and what is a no-go. Examples include tobacco, cryptocurrencies and improper corporate practices. It is hard to believe, but the company also has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to grammar.

Am I allowed to place CBD advertising on Facebook?

Although there are many examples given in the advertising guidelines, CBD oil has not been mentioned to date, despite its increasing popularity. Facebook has not yet commented on this. That is why hundreds of CBD ads are on the platform every day, only to be banned again later. As soon as CBD is even mentioned, ads are rejected, accounts are closed completely or user profiles are banned from the platform.

Various media reports have speculated in recent months about a relaxation of the total ban on CBD on Facebook. Advertisers could run topical hemp ads on Facebook as long as the ad directly links to the topical CBD product. However, this cannot be verified, as Facebook itself has not published a statement. However, companies that want to promote oils, creams or make-up with CBD would benefit from this loophole.

The market is demanding changes in advertising policies

It now seems only a matter of time before Facebook and other large corporations adjust their advertising guidelines to promote CBD product. Because cannabis-containing products are increasingly finding their way into retail and the advertising, market is ultimately a billion-dollar business.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s “CBD dm”, “CBD pharmacy”, “CBD mouth care spray” or “CBD dog”. The search queries are very creative and in fact, there are products that contain the active ingredient CBD.